Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel On Bikini Ready Body & Beauty Tips

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Fan Facebook: caught up with Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel at the re-launch of Victoria’s Secret’s fragrance mist and lotion, “VS Fantasies”. Candice gives tells us about the new fragrance, and gives us beauty tips.

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Beauty Tips – Natural Remedy for Fair Skin – Lotus Fairness Pack

Beauty Tips – Natural Remedy for Fair Skin – Lotus Fairness Pack.

Indians are obsessed with fairness and beauty, the market here is flooded with several skin whitening creams. Unfortunately, these consist of harmful chemicals and cause harm to the skin in the long term. Divya suggests replacing all cosmetic products with natural ones to enhance one’s skin color.

Watch the video to know how to get an evenly toned fairer skin through Lotus Fairness pack made at the comfort of your home.

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Top 5 Home Remedies For Hair Growth | Best Health and Beauty Tips | Lifestyle

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Top 5 Home Remedies For Hair Growth | Best Health and Beauty Tips | Lifestyle

Onion juice
Onion not only makes your food tasty but also makes your hair grow and multiply effectively. Why? Because onion juice has sulphur in it which boosts the production of collagen tissues. These tissues assist in re growth of your hair. You will only need red onions, even shallots would do.

Potato Juice
No, we are not in a vegetable juice shop nor are we cooking food in your kitchen but these vegetables really do wonder when it comes to hair growth. Along with onions, you can also use potatoes to grow your hair. In fact, potato juice can even cure thinning of hair due to ‘alopecia.’

Eggs gives extra protein
Hair is primarily made up of protein. What’s the better way to grow hair than to provide it with extra protein,in fact, one of the best proteins- the egg white. What you need to do is take one or two eggs and massage your scalp with the liquids in it. Let it sit there for an hour, preferably covered with a shower cap. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo and water. You may even make an egg mask for your hair to give it extra shine and strength.

Use Fenugreek
Fenugreek has been used to treat hair fall since ages in many parts of the world. Even you can use this spice for growing hair.

Ayurvedic Herbs
Indian gooseberry (amla) is well recognized as the powerhouse of vitamin C and antioxidants. Thus it helps in production of collagen and also fights off free radicals promoting hair growth and even improving pigmentation of your hair. You can simply mix 2 teaspoons each of amla powder and lime juice and rub this on your scalp. After some time, rinse with warm water. This will help your hair grow.

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HKonlineTV x – Khaki Beauty Tips EP1 五個小秘技 解決化妝難題

HKonlineTV x – Khaki Beauty Tips

每集專業化妝師Khaki都會教大家一D化妝小秘技, 同大家分享扮靚心得 ~

Khaki Yan, 專業化妝師 – 熱愛化妝工作、喜歡幫人變身的大滿足感。

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5 Beauty Tips For The Wedding Season + Avene Contest Alert

The best beauty and skincare advice from celebrity dermatologist Dr. Malavika Kohli for the wedding season, both for brides and for the whole wedding party. We talked to her about how to take care of our skin, what is the best make up to use, what to eat (and not to eat)

Contest Alert: Tell us your best #skincare tip in the comments under this video (single entry only) 10 best comments earn 200 glampoints and you may win one of our 50 November Avene Skincare prizes. All you need to do is sign up to and start watching!

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Homemade Wax for Facial Hair Removal : Easy Beauty Tips

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Certain types of wax are absolutely great for removing facial hair. Learn about homemade wax for facial hair removal with help from a makeup and beauty professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Nefra Dabney
Bio: Nefra Dabney was a small town, thrift store bumpkin with a keen eye for fashion, the color yellow, and a swagger all her own, before moving to New York.
Filmmaker: Alan Mack

Series Description: Taking care of your skin, hair and even your style doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Get a series of easy beauty tips related to hair, skin and clothes with help from a makeup and beauty professional in this free video series.

6 Winter Beauty Tips You Need To Know!

Winter season is almost here so be prepared with these 6 Winter Beauty Tips You Need To Know! Here are my best winter beauty tips that help keep your skin looking awesome during the colder months. I’ll go through everything from how to keep your skin hydrated to getting soft smooth hands this winter! I hope you like it. xo Jen


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Eco Erase Body Oil

Aveeno 24 Hr Moisturizing Lotion

Humidifier (similar one)



Beauty Blender Sponge

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Benefit No Crease Concealer

Anastasia Duo Eyebrow Palette (medium brown)

NARS Blush in Torrid

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Revlon Matte Balm in Elusive

Clothing and Accessories

– Green Blouse

– Lululemon Leg Warmers


Camera + Lighting

– Canon Rebel T5i DSLR

– Stellar Photo Ring Light


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All items were purchased by me. None of these companies are paying me for this video. All opinions are my own.

MY TOP BEAUTY TIPS & TRICKS! (Lashes, Lips, Brows)

Here are a few of my best beauty tips and tricks for your lashes, lips, brows, and everything in between! Which tip was your favorite? Leave a comment with YOUR best beauty secret so we can all learn from each other! :)


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-17 Beauty Hacks in Under 7 Minutes:
-How to Choose Your Foundation Shade:


1. Wet your brush before applying your highlighter – it’ll give your highlight a more intense look!
2. If you get mascara on your eyelids, wait until it’s completely dry before removing with a q-tip.
3. Apply mascara while your eyelash curler is in place for more voluminous lashes.
4. Avoid applying foundations with salicylic acid in them underneath your eyes, as this can be very drying!
5. To make a glossy lipstick matte, dust some translucent powder over top.
6. Apply your face cream to your neck in an upward motion to avoid sagging neck skin.
7. Avoid showering in hot water as this can dry out your skin and hair. Rinse your conditioner out with cold water to help seal the cuticle and lock in moisture!
8. Apply lipstick while you’re smiling to ensure even application.
9. Align your tweezers from the inner arch of your brow to the inner bottom part of the front of your brow. Whatever space is missing, fill it in with brow powder.
10. Put your two fingers next to your nostrils and apply your blush above.
11. Turn a loose pigment into an eyeliner but mixing it with a setting spray.
12. If your lashes are difficult to apply, wrap it around a makeup brush for 30 seconds.
13. Test out a potential foundation on your jawline rather than the inside of your wrist.


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Michelle Phan Shares Beauty Tips And How To Avoid “Panda Eyes”

YouTube beauty entrepreneur Michelle Phan gives a tutorial on how to make your makeup last, whether you’re performing on stage or walking the red carpet.

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